There’s a type of skincare that I’m always wary of trying about – cleanser. After getting a huge allergic reaction from a foam cleanser I’ve used last year, I decided to stick to one beauty wash, my trusty Nivea Deep Oil Control Cleanser. It clears all my unwanted beauty troubles (a.k.a. blackheads and zits) in a snap, keeping my face pimple-free since college.  


You know how some beauty experts say that once you found the regimen that suits you, you should stick to it? While I have already found mine using my Nivea cleanser, I found myself slowly losing interest in it! I wanted to try something new, and it was timely that Glamourbox introduced Isis Pharma Dermatologie’s Teen Derm Gel in the Bridal Bliss Box. It’s a gel-type cleanser that performs a micro-exfoliation of the skin, clearing up skin imperfections while controlling sebum production. The product seemed promising to me; hesitant as I was, I took the plunge.

The result surprised me; I fell in love with it instantly! The gel foams into a refreshing lather that feels really pleasing to my skin; the micro-exfoliating beads are gentle and non-irritating. It also doesn’t feel like it’s drying at all, unlike my Nivea Cleanser! I’ve experienced no break outs too, even after I used up my sample.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Teen Derm Gel, and I’m planning to purchase a full size in the Glamourbox Boutique so I can alternate this with my Nivea Cleanser. It’s now one of my favorites from the Bridal Bliss Box!

How about you, Glambabe? What do you think of the cleanser? 🙂

– Paoie