In my past life, I was a beauty queen. Okay, let me correct myself. Years ago, I wore too much makeup it made me look at least 5 years older! Seriously, when you are a beauty queen, you put on heavy makeup that it completely transforms the way you look and sometimes you can barely recognize yourself!

As you age, of course, the way you do makeup changes as well. After I had transitioned to PR and then the business world, I have embraced a more natural makeup look. I enjoy learning techniques on how to keep makeup simple and classy, easy to transform from day to night.

imageOn the MAC makeup chair 

On July 5, for the second time this quarter, MAC Cosmetics Philippines treated selected beauty queen title holders to a personal makeup workshop. I was lucky to be invited (Thanks to Lesley, Vani and Jory!) and had celebrity makeup artist Kusie Ho show me how to do a perfect look for a night out, highlighting the smokey eye look that isn’t too heavy nor difficult to apply.

I specifically loved the Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 (shade 5.0) that was used on my skin. This product line has customized shades, ideal for those who can’t find the perfect foundation to match their skin tone. For the smokey eye, Kusie mainly used a dark brown/bronze eyeshadow which complemented my morena skin. Then he added a bit of black eye shadow on the corners. I learned one useful technique from Kusie when doing the smokey eye look – dab the black powder on your wrist to warm up the pigment before applying it on your eyes. This way it won’t appear too strong once applied.

imageWith celebrity make up artist, Kusie Ho

After the event, I had a quick photo opportunity with as they raided my purse! team

Do you know how to do the smokey eye look? What MAC makeup product do you fancy at the moment?



(Photos courtesy of Jory Rivera)