I love trying out products for my lips—whether it’s lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick. In fact, just my handbag alone contains a variety of them. I have two kinds of lip balm, a tube of lip gloss, and lipstick all in one pocket. Sometimes, when I’m bored, I even play around by smearing on two products at once. That way, it also keeps me from peeling or biting my lips—a bad habit I do especially when they’re dry. 

The launching of Glamourbox’s Bridal Bliss Box got me incredibly excited because let’s face it—every sane and normal female being on the planet dreams (or at least once in a while thinks) about her dream wedding. And the box contained not just products but also vouchers that were ready to pamper all the single and to-be-married ladies.


Naturally, one of my favorites from the box was BareNaturals’ Butterfly Kisses Lip Stix, a colored lip butter. The name itself intrigued me, and my stomach couldn’t help but grumble at the sight of the word, “butter.” Immediately, I opened the tube and smelled it. The scent is a mixture of peppermint and vanilla. The feel on the lips is a bit thicker than an ordinary lip balm, but not as thick as that of a lipstick. When applied, the color instantly sticks to your lips and pops in a bubblegum pink hue. It also lasts the whole day, even if you drink your coffee or eat your lunch—which is what I did right after smearing it on. It leaves a light feel on the lips, and the peppermint gives a cooling effect, too.


Because it’s made with natural oils and waxes, you’ll immediately feel the moisturizing effect. The first time I tried it, my lips stayed hydrated the whole day, and I was prevented from peeling or chewing off the skin.

BareNatural’s Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses will definitely stay a staple inside my bag. Grab the Bridal Bliss Box to enjoy bubblegum pink lips that leave them looking luscious, plump and kissable!

– Gretchen