As you now know, I am an advocate of organic and effective products. Reviewing the new HeyNature brand of has been an absolute joy.

After sharing my love for the HeyNature Black Diamond BB cream, here is my take on the HeyNature Natural Moisture Lotion and Eye Solution.

First, I’d just like to share something from the brand’s creators:

“We realize the importance of not only soothing the skin, but also giving the soul time to rest, and enabling the restoration of youthful energy.”

Reading this line on the HeyNature website, made this brand resonate with me – perhaps it’s the yogi in me.


I have been using the combo of the HeyNature Natural Moisture Lotion and Eye Solution for the past 3 weeks and they both have given my skin “the rest” it badly needed. 


1. “BEAUTY IN A BOTTLE” – The heavy apothecary glass jars are gorgeous with a floral printed label that simply says: “Enjoy the beauty system”. Like the brand’s mission statement, it made me feel like I was taking a beauty vacation.


2. “LIGHT AS A FEATHER TEXTURE” – Both the moisture lotion and the eye solution have deliciously light textures that are non-greasy and melted easily into my skin.


I also used the moisture lotion on top of my make-up for an added dewy glow. At night I would add ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Serum underneath to amplify benefits.

3. “LOVING QUANTITIES” – It is rare to see skincare in regular sizes these generous. The moisture lotion is in a 140ml pump bottle and the eye solution is 30g which are both double the size of most regular skincare products.


“PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE” – Unlike hi-technology beauty products with instant results, organic products need time to work their magic. I almost gave up after a week because I didn’t see any results, but Mama decided to be patient (a virtue I am also trying to teach my 3-year old daughter) and give these products a little more time to show me what they can do. It was definitely worth the wait.


I would definitely recommend the HeyNature Natural Moisture Lotion and Eye Solution combo for all the beauty junkies like me who need to give their skin a badly needed rest. Ever since I’ve started using both products, I’ve received numerous compliments that my skin is nice & glowing!

This is also a great option for expectant moms as it is safe and all-natural. 

Both products are sold for P800 each at the Glamourbox boutique. It is definitely value for money. I am adding this pair to my regular rotation from now on.