What songs would you choose to play on your wedding? Out of curiosity, we asked the Glamourbox Team what their top picks will be. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas for your own wedding as well!

Gretchen, our Content Writer:

1. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional – This song is slow and sweet, and is perfect for that first dance of the newlyweds. The lyrics make you melt, too.

2. Stellar by Incubus – Not a typical song you would hear in a wedding (it’s by Incubus after all). But it’s one of their more mellow songs, with lyrics that encapsulate a really beautiful kind of love.

3. The Way You Look Tonight – It’s a bit cliche, but this song is a classic and can be played for either the father and bride dance, or the bride and groom’s first dance.

Sarah, our Graphic Artist:

1. Naked as We Came by Iron and Wine – The melody and depth behind the song’s simple lyrics will definitely make you hoard the tissues.

2. Runaway (violin version) – That first line of the song just says it all I guess 🙂

3. I’ll Cover You in Rent (reprise) – This version is both heartbreaking and sweet. To offer one’s self to be the other’s shelter is the ultimate gift you can give 🙂

Paoie, our PR and Marketing Officer 
1. I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden – A sweet song that I have cherished since childhood. I remember telling myself that this will be my song for my future husband (Yup, I can be sentimental like that).
2. Canon in D by Pachelbel – Cliche I know, but this song was played in one of my well-loved scenes from My Sassy Girl, my favorite movie! I want to somehow emulate that scene in my own wedding 😛
3. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down – This was played during the wedding of my boyfriend’s brother, sung by Armi, the UDD vocalist, herself! I want a song with that vibe on my own wedding too 🙂
Vanessa Mayuga-Santos aka #TheVainMama, Glamourbox Contributor
1. Seasons of Love from Rent – This was the song our entourage marched to. Felt it was fitting as we had a winter-themed wedding in Hong Kong. The melody is just so catching and the words really resonated in my heart.
2. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt – An instrumental live pipe organ version of the song played as I made by bridal walk down the aisle. The song’s words are actually about unrequited love but it was a song that played often when my husband and I were dating. We had a very colorful courtship so it really brought back memories 🙂
3. Sa ‘Yo Lamang  (Mass Song) – This played during communion. It was the one song my husband insisted on. I love also that it’s a constant reminder that our marriage involves 3 parties – my husband, me and God.

How about you, what will your wedding songs be? Share them with us! 🙂