Have you heard of double cleansing? Double cleansing is, simply put, washing your face twice or using two separate formulas (or products) to cleanse the face. I’ve been double cleansing all my life and it’s pretty easy to do. 


Recently I’ve been using Hollywood Style Whitening Cleansing Milk, a thick creamy concoction that can be used to remove makeup or as a gentle facial cleanser. The whitening ingredients also help lift dead skin cells and exfoliate our skin.

Double cleanse in 4 easy steps: 


Step 1 – Pump a sufficient amount of the Hollywood Style Whitening Cleansing Milk on a cotton round. 

Step 2 – Massage the cotton round onto face. Remember to be gentle around the eye area, as our skin is thinnest here. 


Step 3 – You can repeat this process several times if you wear more makeup than I do on a regular basis. This is how my cotton round looks like after several swipes. Take note that I only wear light makeup everyday which consists of liquid foundation, powder and eyebrow pencil. 

Step 4 – Wash face with water and proceed with your favorite facial cleanser. Your face is now prepped for toning and moisturizing.

If you wear waterproof or long-lasting eye makeup, you can do triple cleansing which is to use a waterproof makeup remover first, then use the Hollywood Style Whitening Cleansing Milk, and finally rinse everything off with your cleanser of choice. 

What do you think? Is double cleansing something you’d like to try?

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