I am so happy to be part of the Glamourbox team as through them I’m learning about so many wonderful new ORGANIC beauty brands that I didn’t even know about. I must say, the Glamourbox girls have discovered some truly interesting new beauty gems!

My second review is special (and was so much fun) because I had a partner and “beauty apprentice” — my 3-year old daughter Stella. It’s such a joy sharing my love of beauty with her and was a nice bonding experience. I also felt safe letting her “play” with this product we tested as it is organic and chemical free. Here is our Mother & Daughter review:



Brilliance Balms are wonderful natural lip tints from the UK natural cosmetics line called “PIXI”. It was started by famous makeup artist, Petra Strand. This particular Brilliance Balm we tested is a limited edition collab with DISNEY TINKERBELL. The first time I opened my Glamourbox, Stella went straight for this of course!! 



1)  The packaging is very quaint and pretty. Even if it was a Disney Collab, this was done very subtly and just plain cute. It appeals to both kids and the young at heart.

2) The name of the shade “Happy Thoughts Pink” is adorable. If you’ve watched all the Tinkerbell movies like us, you’ll know that once humans are sprinkled with “pixie dust” they need to think “happy thoughts” so that they can FLY! I love how beauty and my mommy world have found some common ground. Makes me feel like am in the right place finally 🙂

3) The color was very natural on both our lips. Another nice thing with the Brilliance Balm is that the color gets more intense after awhile instead of disappearing like most glosses – it’s truly magical.

4) I love that its safe for kids to play with and paraben-free. 


1) As with all lip glosses/balms, the color fades after some time. Here’s my tip for making lipstick last longer: 

You can use a lip primer or base before putting on the balm, but a cheaper and simpler alternative is to just dab my lips with powder foundation to set them. I promise it will make your lip color last much longer than normal as it allows the color to be absorbed better with less moisture.

2) The scent was not as fruity or candy-like as we both expected (given the Tinkerbell theme). That being said the minty fresh scent was light and refreshing too.


Stella and I definitely recommend this to moms and daughters. It’s an amazing product with a fun magical story behind it! For more information, you can check out http://www.pixibeauty.com/


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