I was instantly intrigued with the Eye of Horus Mascara from the name and packaging itself. I’ve always been on the look out for effective organic cosmetics as they are safer to use for obvious reasons. The only problem is “natural” products normally don’t last as long or the color quality is sacrificed. But wow, this product definitely took me by surprise!! I’ve been using it everyday for over a week and I am totally sold.



1) EASY APPLICATION. After curling my lashes, I only need  3-4 swipes per eye and my lashes are perfectly in place.

2) SMUDGE PROOF/NAP PROOF. It doesn’t say that it’s a waterproof mascara (I have not swam with it or cried – have had no reason for tears. Hehe) but I used it on a long 8-hour trip home from the beach and there were NO smudges at all! Took multiple naps with my daughter on my lap and my lashes were pristine and still perfectly curled when I got home.

3) QUICK REMOVAL. No need to use a make up remover at all. I just gently wash my face with my foaming cleanser and the mascara is all gone. No residue whatsoever.


The only “cons” I can think of is why I only discovered this now and perhaps why aren’t there other colors aside from black?


This one is a no-brainer;  at only P980 for a tube, this is definitely a steal. Grab one now from the Glamourbox Boutique and awaken your inner goddess!! Am stocking up myself!

– Vanessa aka #TheVainMama 


PS – Don’t forget, you need to replace your mascara after every 3 months for hygiene reasons.