The last month of summer may have arrived faster than expected, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of the remaining days of the hot season. Stop thinking about its end, and start thinking about what else you can do. 

Book a last minute trip somewhere! Have fun! Explore! Summer is the perfect time to search for breathtaking places to get lost in and find yourself. But before packing those bags, don’t forget to include the new fragrance by Regatta—Leisure.


The name itself suggests freedom, ease and relaxation. Each spray infiltrates the senses with a cool and dreamy trace that complements the heat of the summer sun. It embodies the Regatta experience by staying true to the brand’s classic and casual identity—with a fresh, crisp and captivating scent guaranteed to suit anyone’s taste.

It also comes in a His and Her version. Leisure Man is created for those adventurous and outgoing men, always looking for fun escapades. Leisure Woman, on the other hand, keeps a similar theme but with a hint of a fruity-floral trace that transforms into a light and fresh fragrance.

Try matching the scent with either a chic or sporty attire, or spritz some on your wrists when you’re out on the beach tanning under the sun. Whatever occasion you’re in, Leisure definitely adapts to and blends well with it.

Each Green Beauty Glamourbox comes with a sample size for both Leisure Man and Leisure Woman. Enjoy a box of natural products, while giving Leisure Man as a gift to your man! Subscribe online today, and allow the scents to encapsulate what your summer is all about.

– Gretchen