Argan Oil, also known as “liquid gold” has been said to “do it all”. It is produced from the Argan nut which comes from the Argan tree that grows in Southwestern Morocco. Argan oil contains loads of Vitamin E and linoleic acid which are both nutrient-rich and beneficial to the skin and hair.


I purchased my Snoe Beauty Argan Oil last year and I’m happy to report that is has been a staple in my vanity kit since. Here are several ways to incorporate this multipurpose oil in your everyday skin care and hair care routine:

1. Use as a facial moisturizer

Dry and normal skin types will definitely benefit from Argan oil’s moisturizing properties. If you’re like me who has sensitive and combination (even oily) skin, fret not as Argan oil is absorbed well by the skin and is not as oily as other types of facial oils. Just a few drops is needed, smooth onto cleansed skin and that’s it – you’ll wake up to well-moisturized and nourished skin!

2. Tame the frizzies


I have digipermed hair and Argan oil helps tame frizzes, enhance shine and revive dry ends. Just apply a few drops to the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and apply to dry or damp hair via a scrunching motion. If your hair is straight, just smooth your hands and fingers through your hair.

3. Moisturize hands, cuticles and the soles of your feet

Massage Argan oil on hands and nails and say goodbye to dry and ragged cuticles. Also works great on cracked feet, just massage it in and wear socks overnight for good measure.

4. Body nourisher and softener


You can add a few drops to your body lotion or cream for added moisture. Pregnant mommies can also directly apply this to their bellies to prevent and minimize stretch marks.

5. Lip scrub

Just add brown sugar to Argan Oil, apply to lips and lightly massage to exfoliate dry lips.

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– Kira Mae Ramirez