Labor Day Weekend is coming up, and there’s not a single person I know who’s not going to the beach to get away from the city life temporarily. Flights and resorts are rapidly being booked, and every single female cramming her shopping is perhaps already fighting over the last pair of bikini. With a little less than two weeks left, there’s definitely not enough time to shed off the unwanted pounds—even with a strict diet and exercise.

But Glamourbox, together with SureSlim Wellness Centre, can help you get that beach body you dreadfully want without the use of lasers and needles. It’s safe, very effective, and you don’t need to give up much unlike other diet programs out there.


SureSlim is a medically founded, very safe weight loss program that allows one to lose weight quickly and naturally. After the weight comes off, it also works to maintain weight loss through an ongoing health and wellness plan. It aims to correct your metabolism so you don’t just lose the weight, but also maintain it.

The SureSlim program starts with a blood test at a professional pathology laboratory, and works with a medical doctor who screens your results. Your metabolic profile is then used to design a weight loss program specifically for your goals and lifestyle. By following the program religiously, you can safely lose as much as eight pounds in one week!

The March Glamourbox comes with SureSlim vouchers worth P2000 for any SureSlim service. So if you’re not sure where to start with your diet but desperately want a flatter stomach that will look awesome in a bandeau bikini this summer, visit SureSlim Wellness Centre in Greenhills and have a weight loss program designed specifically for you.