Little black dress? Check. Pearl studs and choker? Check. Peep-toe pumps? Check. Black clutch? Check.

The list may seem complete, but Glamourbox has a teeny bit of suggestion. We’re pretty confident it will help compel those heads to turn as soon as you enter the scene of the party.

Our suggestion? Why not spritz on a little Saharienne on your neck and wrists for a finishing touch?

Let your perfume invade their senses and do the talking.


Saharienne, a pure object of desire that comes in a sexy, sleek bottle, is the first fresh water splash ever created by the House of Yves Saint Laurent. Born from the alliance of sand and sun, the sensual heroine that inspires the perfume embodies genesis and renewal. The scent unquestionably bursts with energy and heat, and arises from the desert sands radiating desire and sensuality.

It’s the ideal perfume to wear this summer season—combine it with your killer looks and the heat, and you’re undeniably transformed into a smoking hot femme fatale.


The top notes are a blend of Italian Primofiore lemon, bergamot and mandarin. A few green arrowheads, spiced up with galbanum and black currant bud, spike the bitter sweetness of crumpled orange leaves. Stellar salty floral scents are galvanized by brazen pink berry and ginger. It is without a doubt the hottest of all cool waters. A single spray can invigorate the mind and leave any man breathless.

Each March box comes with a sample size of this entrancing scent, so before heading out for the night looking like the chic femme fatale that you are, tuck the perfume inside your clutch and be ready to have a horde of men trailing after you.