Anyone who has heard of Snoe Beauty Inc. could attest to the fact that they are currently the fastest growing local beauty brand in the Philippines! For this installment of Real People, we interviewed its CEO and Founder, Jen Gerodias-Diaz, to talk about the brand’s beginnings and her beauty must-haves!

When did you start Snoe Beauty Inc. and how did you get into the beauty business?

We started late 2010. We gave away soaps as gifts for Christmas and we started getting orders. From there we customized the 1st batch ( 12 variants) of Snoe White Beauty bars, we started selling these in bazaars. We presented our business plan to the malls and started opening stores. We now have 26 outlets. We also started customizing other skin care products, fragrances, color cosmetics, hair care products and importing beauty tools. We have about 200 sku’s.

What’s your secret to balancing being a wife and mom to two kids and being a successful entrepreneur at the same time?

Time management and identifying my priorities.  Being an entrepreneur means there are no breaks and there is no such thing as shutting down or day offs. So I do try to absorb as much ideas, learn as much as I can about the beauty and retail business, and motivate myself to work harder. That’s when spending time with my kids come in, they are my motivation. As early as now, I do take them to work and let them do “office play”. This was how my parents trained me and I would like to pass this on to my children.

What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

I did enter the business because of my “beauty” addiction. So my regimen consist of multiple products. And since I am the 1st to sample our products before it hits the market, I change my regimen every 2 weeks. One thing I do not skimp on is i use sunblock on both my face and body all the time.

What’s your one beauty indulgence?

Because I am always on the go, getting a massage therapist weekly for home service is my one beauty indulgence. It’s the only time I can self reflect and clear my head. 

Any beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

She gave me my 1st sunblock at the age of 13. It was Clinique city block spf 20. I used sunblock since.

What’s your must-have beauty product (s)?

Aside from sunblock, I cannot live without lipbalm so I use Snoe Besobalm all the time, I also can not leave the house without drawing in my eye brows. I use Anastasia eye brow pencil and cannot sleep without washing my face, I use a Snoe Facial wash with my Clarisonic Mia brush.

Best beauty discovery from abroad?

I’m usually shopping for new finds whenever I am out of the country. I love Sephora and Ulta whenever I am in the States. But I discovered Wen cleansing conditioners on QVC ( Home TV shopping) and we used it as the inspiration for the Hair Heroes line. In fact we even improved the formulation so Hair Heroes is our strongest line.

Which beauty trend do you find absolutely horrendous?

I’m not a fan of super long nails. Imagine the bacteria imbedded in your nails while applying skin care. 

We found out that you are a shopaholic and a shoe addict! Whose closet would you love to raid and why?

Daphe Guinness,because her clothes cross over to theatrical art and fashion. Victoria Beckham because I love basics with a twist. And Nicole Richie for the bohemian look. 

One word that best describes you?

I guess anyone who has met me would describe me Hyper. Ha ha.