When it comes to the importance of soothing skin and allowing it to restore its youthful glow, HeyNature’s ambition is to cultivate products that are appropriate for all skin types, including and most especially sensitive skin.

A brand that originated in South Korea and was further expanded in Hong Kong and China, HeyNature combines authentic ingredients and advanced dermatological formulas to develop distinctive products that bring comfort and nourishment to the skin. HEY stands for Health, Energy, and Youth—three qualities promised by the brand, and the Nature aspect is that its products do not contain artificial ingredients or alcohol.

Glamourbox is proud to have discovered and become a partner of HeyNature, which is why five of its product samples were included in the March box—particularly the Silver Crystal Aqua Blast BB Cream, Pearl Label Brightening BB Cream, Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream, Brown Jade Most Moisture Blemish BB Cream, and the Aqua Brightening Gel.


The Silver Crystal Aquablast BB Cream is a hydro-refreshing BB cream that brings ultimate radiance to the skin and is a multi-purpose balm that completely covers blemishes and other imperfections while improving skin tone, maintaining moisture, and protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

The Pearl Label Brightening BB Cream, on the other hand, creates a long-lasting and consistent skin tone and corrects any forms of blemishes, acne, and skin irritations to prevent further breakouts, and gives the skin that beaming glow. This is best used for women prone to breaking out, as it helps to cover, reduce and heal unwanted blackheads and pimples.

Black Diamond Moist Tightening BB Cream is ideal for women who want to prevent dullness and sagging of the skin. It effectively covers and eliminates dark spots and fine lines, moisturizes the face, tightens pores, and lifts the skin to look youthful and brilliant. Brown Jade Most Moisture Blemish BB Cream is designed for those with dry and rough skin, and covers the face naturally for a consistent skin tone without having to worry about stickiness.


Lastly, the Aqua Brightening Gel is a moisturizing gel used after cleansing the face that infiltrates the skin and locks moisture without clogging the pores. Its ingredients help to boost skin hydration, and efficiently soothes the skin to give a luminous glow.

Trust HeyNature to work its wonders on your skin. These five wonderful products and other HeyNature skincare items are exclusively available in our online boutique! Visit our website to avail of them now!