Every woman is beautiful, authentic, accomplished and inspiring—qualities that Calvin Klein believes should be exuded not just in the way a woman looks or how she dresses and carries herself, but also in the way her scent captivates an entire room.


Which is why Glamourbox proudly introduces Calvin Klein Beauty, a fragrance with a new interpretation of lily, ambrette seeds, jasmine and cedarwood that evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication, while seizing the essence of a woman who is beautiful both inside and out.

Designed to highlight and radiate the inner beauty of every woman, the perfume comes in a sleek bottle with smooth feminine curves set over a luxurious glass base, with a metallic silver ring surrounding it to articulate a woman’s strength and confidence. The soft glow of the gold liquid, on the other hand, which is reminiscent of the clean, spare shift dresses from the Calvin Klein Collection Runway Show, reflects her luminosity and brilliance.

With a scent so sensual, divine and feminine, Calvin Klein Beauty surely withstands the test of time and can be worn anywhere—during daytime right before leaving for the office, or in the evening when you go on a date with your man.

Whether a young, single woman out to take over the big city or a mother, whose strength and love can never be measured even in words, Calvin Klein Beauty definitely captures what it is to be beautiful not just tangibly but also within. Glamourbox is without a doubt an ecstatic partner!