I have a confession to make. I have a nasty habit of biting my lips and peeling the skin after. I don’t know why I do it—sometimes I don’t even notice when I do it! But it’s because of this that it leaves my lips rough, painful, and at times bleeding.

I use lip balm sometimes, but I think it’s come to a point that the simple act of putting it on is something I forget to do. I also don’t like it when little chunks get stuck in my lips. It feels sticky and weird, and sometimes when I unknowingly lick my lips I can taste the product.


Photo from KimPossiblyGorgeous

When I was asked to try the Carmex lip balm, it wasn’t that I hesitated. It was more because I don’t prioritize lip balms as much as I prioritize my BB cream, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, and mascara. However, the minute I opened the tub and smelled it, I got intrigued. As soon as I applied it to my lips using my pinky finger, I felt an instant cool, tingling sensation!

Carmex has been around in the business for more than 80 years, so naturally they know what ingredients to use when it comes to their products. Carmex lip balm has a unique blend of ingredients, such as cocoa butter and lanolin to moisturize dry or chapped lips and allow them to look healthy and kissable again. It also contains camphor and menthol, which explains the cooling effect that soothes the lips.

For the longest time, Carmex was a best-kept secret of models, celebrities and makeup artists. But of course, it’s hard to keep a good thing secret so eventually the lip balm is now one of the world’s most favorite.

You can use Carmex lip balm before applying your lipstick, or simply for everyday use. I’ve started to use mine everyday. And not just once or twice. I keep reapplying, just because the smell is so good and I’m addicted to the cool sensation! Check out the February box and try Carmex lip balm for yourself!

– Gretchen Gatan