What was your favorite product in the January box?

One of my faves is definitely the KJI & CO Lip Staysss! The name alone is so cute,and I was so awed by the adorable, black-and-pink packaging. As the name connotes, it’s a semi-permanent lip balm with a hint of color, and stays on the lips longer than any other lipstick there is.

You don’t need to worry about it getting off when you drink or eat. And while it keeps your lips looking luscious the whole day, it also hydrates and moisturizes them to keep them from drying or getting chapped.

It’s really light, and made of 100% natural quick drying liquid, so it actually feels like you’re not wearing anything. Get through the day feeling comfortable, and looking effortlessly pretty.

KJI & CO Lip Staysss are a great alternative to lipstick, especially if you need to pack light or want a color that’s not too strong. For the working girls stuck in a cold office and whose lips alwaysend up dry and flaky, this is the ideal lip balm!

Get them in two colors! Blush, for those with a fairer complexion, and Seductress—which has a little more color, and compliments women with darker skin tones.

Now you don’t have to feel bitin, because these wonderful Lip Staysss are available in the Glamourbox online boutique ( Log on to our website, and get both colors today!

– Gretchen Gatan