… have a scoop of ice cream!

In celebration of the International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (we are not making this up, it’s actually a great cause!), here is a quick list of our team’s favorite ice creams in town!

1. Glamourbox’s beauty queen and co-founder Lia can’t get enough of Pinkerton’s Guava Basil Sorbet. Sounds unusual at first, but she won the rest of the team over with this light and fresh flavor that doesn’t even feel like a guilty pleasure. 

2. Marie, our customer service star, swears by Fog City! Her go-to flavor: Sorrento, a blend of vanilla and Limoncello liqueur, it reminds her of late summers in Tuscany where she spent her honeymoon.

3. Meetings in the Fort always serve as an excuse to drop by Bar Dolci for a scoop (or two, or three…) of their best-selling Ferrero!

4. Our marketing maven Pam sticks to Carmen’s Best Malted Milk. This super rich, creamy milky goodness is said to cause addiction!

With all this talk of ice cream, it’s surprising we haven’t installed a freezer in our office yet. Maybe it’s better that way… 🙂

What is your favorite ice cream in town? Let us know in the comment section.