One of my favorite products from the January box is the LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Eyeshadow, which comes in 3 equally gorgeous shades. It works alone or it can be paired with a pressed eye shadow to smooth the process of blending and enhance the colors even more. It also helps the shadow to stay put the entire day. It’s perfect for daily use! Right before going to the office, I just apply it using a brush or the Nippon Esthetic Solutions Wedge sponges (also found in the January box). I always love going for a natural look—and this shade gives me exactly what I want, with just a hint of shimmer. I finish my look off by dabbing Benefit Posie Tint or Ofra Liquid Blush in Pink Lady on my cheeks and putting on clear lip-gloss.

I’ve also tried using it in the evening as a base for my eye shadow. I blended it together with shades of dark brown and a little charcoal for added effect. I noticed that the colors stood out more than usual, as opposed to not using the base. Unlike other shadow bases, the LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base doesn’t leave unwanted crumb lines that tend to form on the eyes as the evening progresses or when the face starts to get oily.

In using the Nippon Esthetic Solutions Wedge sponges to apply the cream shadow base, I always make sure to clean it after. It’s easy! Fill a bowl with warm water and add a tiny amount of liquid soap. Lightly squeeze the sponges and use your fingers to get the makeup out. Rinse the sponges well under tap water and make sure there isn’t any soap left, then air dry on a towel. Just a little tip: Always keep your sponges and makeup brushes clean to avoid the buildup of dirt and germs, which can cause pimple breakouts.

If you can’t get enough of the LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow and would want to get a hold of its other highlighting colors, metallic shadows and glamorous duos, check out Glamourbox’s online boutique and enjoy the array of shades available.