Photo: purplemoon

With the weather getting (slightly) cooler, and our legs being easily hidden behind those skinny jeans, more than one of us is guilty of getting a tid bit lazy about exfoliating these days. Just because you’re running like a mad person trying to catch up on work, maintain a social life, take care of your family duties and still look fabulous doing all that, does it justify you neglecting your body’s skin. So let’s make exfoliation a skin resolution for 2013!

Why is exfoliating so important?

There is no better way to get rid of the dead skin cells layered on your epidermis and clogging your pores. Those clogged pores are also to blame for ingrown hair.

Without it, your legs become grey-ish, dull and let’s face it not so attractive to the opposite gender!

Because we live in a tropical country and you want to show off those legs in pretty dresses and cool shorts.

Regular exfoliation, especially around the thigh area, stimulates blood circulation and helps with skin’s elasticity (and with those nasty cellulity bumps!)

How to do it?

At least once a week, exfoliate with your favorite scrub on wet skin with circular movements. Increase pressure on knees as skin tends to be thicker there.

Use cold or luke warm water for best results as hot water tends to dry out skin even more.

Finish off by moisturizing your legs. We love Yves Rocher’s Slimming Concentrate for that extra help with cellulite bumps .