DIY beauty “recipes” are all the rage these days and we found one that is just too yummy not to share with our Glambabes.

Whether you just spent a few days at the beach surfing (like our Marketing Maven Pammy!) and need a good scrubbin’ or as a last minute gift idea for the girl who has it all, this energizing summer exfoliator is easy-peasy to prepare and just feels oh-so good on the skin, especially under the tropical heat we live in.

And all it takes are four ingredients! Add them in the order as of the label with the largest portion being sea salt, then top it off with coconut oil and finish off with 30 drops of orange essential oil. You can substitute with any essential oil if you can’t find orange oil. Stir the mixture and you’re done!

Are you the crafty type? Channel your inner Martha Stewart and use cute mason jars (you can find them cheap in Divisoria or any kitchen accessories store) as containers for the scrub. Print personalized labels and get creative with the fonts and shapes. And voila! A cheap, gorgeous and useful gift that will literally make the recipient glow.

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