I think one of the biggest problems many Filipino women face in terms of skin care is oil control, especially because we live in such a tropical country. The t-zone area, in particular, is my concern because just thirty minutes under the heat and it can get shiny—unless I use an oil film. I hardly use press powders, because I’m prone to breaking out and I fear that the powder will just clog up my pores. It’s a frustrating dilemma, and my need to use moisturizers (even though it’s important in every Filipina’s skin regimen) becomes neglected since most moisturizers tend to make my face even oilier.


This is why I use Neutrogena products, particularly the Neutrogena Deep Clean foaming scrub for my facial cleanser, which works well for my oily skin because of the little invigorating beads that leave a cool, clean feeling, and the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock (my favorite out of the many facial sunscreens I’ve tried). The Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, as its name suggests, leaves a dry powdery feeling and settles quickly. It doesn’t leave a white cast on the face (as most sunscreens do), which is great for girls who are always on the go.

Imagine how thrilled I got with the December Glamourbox, after discovering that Neutrogena apparently has a product that works both as a moisturizer and a sunscreen. The Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel with SPF 30keeps the oil glands in check and improves oil control. Its moisturizing ability hydrates the skin effectively without the uneasy, slick feeling. Lastly, like the sunblock, it doesn’t leave a white cast on the face—and it can already serve as your sunscreen especially when in a hurry.

Moisturizing has never been this exciting with the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel, available in the December Glamourbox and Watsons Stores nationwide.