Tired of looking tired? Whether you’re a student spending an all-nighter studying for midterms, or a working girl stressed over the pile of workload on your desk, there’s no need to go berserk over those heavy eye bags that seem to ruin your already dampened mood. Cheer up! Remember that frowning might just give you those unwanted wrinkles. Follow these few tips that can do the trick in helping you get rid of those dark circles both in the short and long run, so that you can start looking fresh all day, every day.

1. In the short run to cover it up, apply cold compress to quickly de-puff the eyes. Puffy eyes are usually caused by the fluid retention or swelling of tissue around the eyes. This usually happens after you’ve overslept or cried your eyes out, or when you’re suffering from allergies.

2. Smear on an eye primer around the eye area to fill in fine lines. Illuminating primers provide a revitalizing boost that makes a good base for concealers.

3. Using your ring finger, lightly dab some concealer along your under eye area—starting from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Blend it in gently. The skin under your eyes is very thin and is prone to getting wrinkles if not handled carefully.

4. Dust powder with a similar shade using a small brush to set your concealer.

5. In the long run, start applying eye serums or eye gels in the evening right before going to bed. To increase the efficiency of your eye cream or gel, store it inside the refrigerator and apply when cool. The low temperature will compress blood vessels, which will then prevent fluid from flowing into tissues around the eyes—the culprit to them being puffy.

6. Once or twice a week, cut up a cucumber and put two thin slices on each of your eyes. This stands as a natural astringent and provides relief. Potatoes are also a good substitute in case you don’t have cucumbers at home. They contain natural skin whitening ingredients, plus the starch has been proven to tighten the skin.