When it comes to mixing and matching your lipstick colors, there are several factors involved aside from taking into consideration the clothes you’ll be wearing for the day and your complexion. Your lipstick color should never clash with your clothes—opt to wear a bolder shade if the color of your clothing is a bit toned down. Other things to take note of are the style of your dress, and the occasion or event you’ll be attending. For casual wear, it’s better to stick with nudes and natural colors like pink and beige. For parties and formal events, richer colors like a deep red would be more preferable.

Remember that the color you put on your lips changes how you look instantly. With the Ofra Lip Palette, available in this month’s Glamourbox, you can experiment by mixing and matching different lip colors to get that desired shade and effect. Don’t be afraid to try out new things instead of sticking to just one color every day. Be adventurous! Here are a few tips on how you can choose your lip colors.

1. Pinks emphasize your facial features and are suitable for women with a fair complexion. Women with thin lips or a sharp nose should also be careful in choosing their pinks—as pink makes the lips look even thinner and the nose sharper. Again, it really depends on the shade and how you carry it. When trying colors, it’s better to test it under natural light to see if it suits you or not.

2. Orange colors look good on warm skin tones. However, if the skin is too pale or fair, orange will accentuate this. Too much orange can also make the skin look more mature.

3. Red has similar characteristics with pink except that it has a much warmer effect and adds more shine. It matches all hair colors as well—just be confident about yourself!

4. Brown and Gold Shades give an intense and dramatic appearance. Every woman should also be aware that darker shades of lipstick can make the lips seem thicker and make you look more mature. Again, in testing the color, it’s better to check it under natural lighting.

The beauty of having the Ofra Lip Palette around is that you’re given an array of colors to choose from—and you can easily mix and match! Have fun with all the shades and think outside of the box!