Calvin Klein has always been known to come up with the most addicting fragrances both for men and women—that continue to sell big in the market and remain as the world’s favorite staple perfume. With the launching of the Eternity fragrance for women in 1988 and its many successful renditions through the years, Calvin Klein decided to create a masculine partner and released Eternity Aqua for Men in 2010. This macho edition is highlighted with a modern, casual, aquatic-woody composition, which opens with a mix of cold cucumbers, citruses, lotus and green leaves. Two years after the release of Eternity Aqua for Men, the house of Calvin Klein then presented a newer take on the Eternity Aqua for Women, which can be found inside every Glamourbox this November.

This fragrance, which comes in a convenient size that easily fits your purse and can be brought to special occasions for a retouch, is described as a modern scent that wraps you with its casual elegance, charm, and touch of mystery. It has a fresh aquatic characteristic, enriched with woody accords and hints of light flowers. It also possesses a blend of apple, peony, apricot, jasmine and musk—every spray will absolutely give you that refreshing aroma of a clean and crisp ocean breeze.

Spray it on before heading out to a romantic dinner with your man, to a chill evening with your friends, or simply on your way to work. No matter what occasion you use it on, be it day or night, it will definitely complement your style and make you feel confident, sexy and seductive. Feel bold, beautiful and breezy with Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua, now available in the Glamourbox November box.