With the Christmas season reaching its peak and a number of events are quickly lining up to be attended—from family reunions, to company parties, to fancy barkada get-togethers, having the right contents in your bag is necessary to ensure a good time. But sometimes, with the limited space that your evening bag or clutch has to offer, it can be hard to decipher which ones to leave inside and which ones to leave at home. Here’s a list of evening bag must-haves just in case you’re out on a party—remember that the lighter you pack, the less hassle it will be.

1. Money, ATM Card and Credit Card

Instead of bringing along the whole bulk of your wallet, why not just stash your money and ATM or credit cards in a money clip or a credit card holder? Valid ID’s, which are just as important, can also fit in these little things, and the best part is that it leaves a lot of room for the rest of your valuables.

2. Cellphone

These days, leaving your cellphone at home is like leaving the house without wearing any underwear (or earrings)! Imagine how bare that feels. But getting rid of the thick wallet gives your cellphone more than enough space in your evening bag, so you’re given one less reason to forget it at home.

3. Pressed Powder

With all the dancing that takes place in parties, it’s inevitable to sweat a little or even have an oily t-zone—a problem many of us Filipinas face. Having your press powder inside your clutch will come in handy in these times—just head to the nearest rest room and do a retouch!

4. Lip Gloss/Lipstick

The same reason you’d want to have your press powder around would apply with your favorite shade of lipstick or lip gloss. Look fresh the entire night by reapplying every once in a while.

5. Perfume

They say that our sense of smell is linked closest to our memory because of the olfactory bulb, an area meticulously associated with memory and feeling. A single smell can ignite memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously. If you want to leave a lasting impression, especially on that special someone you’ve been eyeing all night, wouldn’t you want him to remember you through your scent? No, we’re not saying you should have your entire bottle of perfume inside your bag. What’s convenient is having a sample size of it—those tiny bottles are perfect for that cute clutch! Try the Bvlgari Omnia, which comes in every Glamourbox this November.

Keep things light and have a great season ahead of you! Live a stress-free lifestyle by getting rid of the unwanted clutter.