Stuck with your Christmas shopping list and can’t think of any good gift ideas to give to your loved ones? Want to give original or one-of-a-kind presents that can’t be found anywhere else? Is your tight budget making it even more difficult for you? Not to worry. Read on about the Glamourbox team’s suggestions on where to find good gift ideas, and we promise they’ll only stay under an affordable price. 


1. Personalized Notebooks (Budget: P120)

Ever been to the Shopping Center at UP Diliman? The place is filled with photocopying and binding services, usually overflowing with students in a rush to have their thesis copies bound. But this unusual place can be your best bet for a cute (and cheap!) gift idea. Have personalized notebooks made with blank paper acting as pages! Simply ask to put the name of your giftee in front of the notebook—you can even choose what color you want the text and body to be!

2. Anything from Saizen (Daiso) Japanese Hyakuen Shop (Budget: P100)

Visit their branch in Robinson’s Galleria. It has anything and everything really—from glass and kitchenware, to office supplies, to toys, to clothes, to beauty products—the best part is that everything is under P100! Buy a number of their empty glass jars (they’re really cute and they come in different sizes) and fill it up with colorful candies, marshmallows or chocolates! Tie a ribbon around it and voila! You’ve got an instant gift to give! For friends who are smokers, they actually sell portable ashtrays that you can conveniently bring around and can easily be stuffed inside the bag without making a mess. It’s a really big and fun place, so get your legs and feet ready for some intense shopping.

3. Multiply (Budget: P150 and up)

Multiply has become a market for just about anything these days. From clothes, to shoes, to bags, to accessories, to beauty products—it’s a haven of local goods and what best way to support our own than to order from these online entrepreneurs?

4. QUIRKS Novelties and Curiosities (Budget: P500)

Now with three branches open—Rockwell, Shangri-la, and Megamall—QUIRKS is your one-stop shop for very unique AND useful items. We guarantee that you won’t find their merchandise anywhere else! Visit the Quirks website to see what we’re talking about.

5. PopJunkLove by Roma and Maan Agsalud (P200 and up)

Sisters Roma and Maan Agsalud celebrate the Do-It-Yourself Spirit by creating handmade tee-embellishments and shirt-pins, as well as plushies, scrabble pillows, and shape monsters—all from recycled materials. Check out their Facebook page now.