Top 5 Valentine’s Day Kikay Kit Essentials

With V-Day nearly upon us and everyone needing a look perfect for the occasion, it is our pleasure to hook you up with must-have items to bring/use on your date for maximum kikay and landi factor. 😉

  1. POP Beauty Kajal Pen in Flirty Fuchsia 

    This fun and flirty shade of eyeliner can be used along your lash line, your waterline, or smudge it all over your eyelid for a feminine eye look. Finish it off with your go-to cat eye flick.

  2. Pixi + Aspynovard Glow-Y Powder in Rome Rose 

    This mineral powder from Pixi’s #PixiPretties collaboration with travel and lifestyle blogger Aspyn Ovard adds a radiant flush to your skin for a healthy looking glow.

  3. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach 

    Laguna Beach is a fan favorite when it comes to pink-y nude lippies. It can be incorporated into any makeup look and won’t give you patchy lips from eating and drinking on your dinner dates!

  4. The Original Candy Floss Limited Edition Tangle Teezer 

    V-day is not the best day to have to worry about your hair getting out of hand, so make sure to have the travel-friendly Tangle Teezer in your bag for quick and easy hair control during your date.

  5. Travalo Classic Pink Perfume Atomizer 

    Sometimes, your date might be at a place where you’ll end up smelling like food or smoke after a while, so our must-have item is an atomizer so you can bring your favorite scent wherever you go!

What are your Kikay Kit Essentials?

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Beauty Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

As we welcome the new year and we clock the looks and outfits from the recent fashion and awards shows, we anticipate the beauty trends that are sure to fill our social media feeds and timelines for months to come. We’ve compiled below a list of the trends that you might start seeing as soon as the year really kicks off!

No-Makeup Makeup Look

Looks like this makeup look is here to stay! 😉 Keeping your face as clean and as simple as can be is still a strong ongoing trend, but this time, feel free to rock a bright pink or a hot red lip with it instead of the usual nude lippie. Achieve a flawless base with ISIS Pharma BB Cream Sensitive.

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