What Every Fitness Addict Needs

Most of us who work in fitness for a living know that a big part of the respect your clients pay you stems from whether or not you look the part. This means that fitness instructors can’t ever have a hair out of place. It’s one of the most demanding parts of the job, but it doesn’t mean teaching every class in full-on stage makeup.


However, I’ve learned that when it comes to looking good on the job, less is definitely more.


Looking put together is actually easy as long as you have the right tools: a little brow gel here, a subtle highlight on the brow and cheekbones, a versatile tint to look a little extra flushed, and a smooth ponytail (or kickass boxer braids) there are all you need to accentuate your physique when demonstrating the next killer move.


Keep at those goals with these tools in your workout duffel:


The one thing you musn’t leave home without: Anti-perspirant


The BeaublendsTM Advance White Deo & Antiperspirant is something I use everyday and it keeps my pits dry even in the face of the most intense workouts.


A pre-morning workout pick-me-up: Facial Spritz


I spritz this on right before I head out the door, anytime I need to wake up before dawn. It really does so much to help wake up my senses before I head to work to wake other people up!

Top Fitness Videos & Workout Apps To Get You Started This New Year!

Getting tired of the whole “Netflix and chill” routine? Spice up your screen with some videos that you can move with instead! Here are my top picks:


HBFit TV is the Youtube channel of Hannah Bronfman, DJ and founder of her namesake website, HBFIT.com. Aside from potential new favorite workouts, Hannah also features her fit posse in her videos on health, beauty, and fitness.


POPSUGAR Inc. is a leading women’s lifestyle publisher that strives to deliver inspiring, informative, and entertaining content for women of all ages, and it shows in their Youtube channel. Dedicated to fitness, POPSUGAR Fitness features some fun and up-to-date workouts taught by some of the leading fitness instructors today. Want 30-, 20-, 10-minute workouts? Get them in almost every fitness discipline available: hip-hop, tabata, you name it, POPSUGAR has shot it.


Yoga with Adrienne

Not a big fan of the sweaty, cramped yoga studio? You’re not alone. There’s a big reason why the online Yoga community is huge, and Yoga by Adriene has the 235,919,901 views and 3 million subscribers to prove it. Join her 30-day Yoga Journey and scroll through the comments to see how lifechanging maintaining a consistent practice has been for her online followers.

Why I Swear By The Beaublends Underarm System

When you’re living in a tropical country, dealing with heat and humidity is a very real concern. Having to think about preventing sweaty pits and sunburned faces daily can get tedious especially when you’ve been relying on a product that hasn’t been serving your needs too well.

After relying on the cheapo drugstore brand for far too long, I finally resolved to find a less drying and darkening alternative for my poor pits.

GET GLOWIN’!: Top 5 Ofra Highlighters

We’re all about that New Year Glow!

If you’re looking for a glow to rock this year, we’ve rounded up five looks with our top 5 Ofra Highlighters that slayed them! Read on to find out which of these glows you could cop:








We love how the glow queen herself, @NikkieTutorials, complemented her graphic winged liner with a blinding highlight using the Everglow highlighter!








@slomakeup made @laurenreaidabook slay the dark lip & smokey eye combo by pairing it with the You Dew You Highlighter for that extra glam effect!








@khindahawari’s is literally blinding us with her glow on point using the Glazed Donut Highlighter!








@slomakeup went for a more natural kind of look using the Beverly Hills Highlighter!








@sefffrancisco looking gorgeous as always by pairing his fierce eye look with Glow Goals highlighter!
And that’s it for our top Ofra highlighters looks! Which of these glowing looks are you going for? Let us know in the comments below!


The Glamourbox Team


Our CEO a.k.a Glamboss Lia Ramos is our chief beauty curator at Glamourbox. She’s tried a lot (and we mean a lot!) of beauty products from skincare to makeup in the course of building a beauty startup. Like her travel bucketlist, her fave products keep on growing by the minute.

As it is becoming a tradition here at Glamourbox, we are throwing a birthday sale in celebration of our #Glamboss special day! But this time, our sale is going to last 5 days!
Read about her latest favorites from our exclusive brands, Ofra, Pixi by Petra, Pop Beauty and Eye of Horus and don’t miss out on the 25% off on her birthday picks from January 11-15 only!


1. Pixi’s Peel & Polish

“I love how smooth and silky my skin feels after using this product. Love the scent too. Feels like having a quick facial at home. “

SRP: 1,300php
Sale Price: 975php




2. Pixi’s Hello Glow

“Everything in this pack is amazing!! I use the Glow booster on my cheekbone for an illuminating effect. I also use it as base before I apply foundation to make my skin glow. The Lip lift max gloss has a delicious scent and taste that gives lips a subtle plumping effect. and the duo blushes of Pixi are always a winner! “

SRP: 1,250php
Sale Price: 937.50php



3. Eye of Horus’ Goddess Mascara

I swear by this mascara. I don’t want anything heavy for everyday use and this is just perfect because it feels ights, it doesn’t smudge and it can be removed easily. Contains moringa oil too which nourishes lashes.”

SRP: 990php
Sale Price: 742.50php




4. Eye of Horus’ Ultimate Brow Define

“Very little goes a long way! This brow define line is comparable to many high end and professional brands (like Anastasia). It’s easy to use with a good spooly on the opposite end. Plus: it contains natural oils and waxes that keep it smudge proof. Brow pencis come in 3 shades. I sometimes mix Husk (Ash) and Dynasty (Medium Brown).”

SRP: 950php
Sale Price: 712.50php



5. Pixi’s Multibalm in Wild Rose

“Multi purpose products are always in my bag because I’m always on the go! This beautiful shade is great on cheeks and lips. The flush looks so natural! I apply powder blush on cheeks for a lasting flushed look. This balm also comes in 4 other shades.”

SRP: 650php
Sale Price: 487.50php