Sheet Mask Review: Dewy Tree No Sebum Deep Mask

By Viella Galvez-Cui

Korean social networking beauty site (SNS) unpa. declared the Dewy Tree No Sebum Deep Mask, a mask from Dewy Tree Skin’s Deep Mask Series, as a winner in its 2017 Beauty Review. This line of sheet masks boast of having the papain enzyme, a natural exfoliator that smoothens skin by breaking down the dead skin cells in your face.

We only want what’s best for our beloved #glambabes, so we decided to review one of these well-reviewed masks out for you.

The No Sebum Deep Mask controls sebum levels while the Oil Less Deep Mask provides ample hydration for oily skin.

I decided to give the former a try for my combination/oily skin.

How it went:

The cottony soft mask was jam-packed with essence (so put it on quick!), and smelled cottony fresh, too.

Masks usually go too close to my lower lids and feel too heavy around my nostrils, but this lightweight mask fit well.


Tip: Deal with the excess by gently massaging the leftovers from the bottom of your neck UPWARD toward your jaw. Or, pat away the surplus with a cotton pad.

The result:

Normally, I steer clear of too much product in the day because my T-zone can feel heavily-laden with dirt after a few hours.

I chose to use the mask in the morning to see how my face would fare throughout the day.

The mask left a dewy sheen hours after removing it, and I found that the redness around my T-zone had faded, that way I only needed to conceal my undereyes and around my nose.

Despite a full day out, my face didn’t feel caked with dirt at all.

The verdict: Sheet masks are so easy to use and are perfect for shooting many pampering steps with one stone (i.e. use while in the bath, or better, in the sauna/while getting a manipedi/during the final half of a full body massage/sitting in front of the TV), they can eliminate the need to go thru a daily morning and evening skincare ritual.


Why Your Skin Needs Rosehip Oil

By Viella Galvez-Cui

Anti-aging. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-oxidant. Skin rejuvenating.

Apparently, rosehip seed oil (or rosehip oil) is Wonderwoman’s equivalent to the warzone that’s your skin: god-like, and armed with only the best tools to protect and heal.

When cold pressed, rosehip oil fully retains its polyunsaturated essential fatty acids content (linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid, which make omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), thus making it a true powerhouse in fighting signs of photo aging and minimizing rosacea and even osteoarthritis.

These ingredients make sure that your skin stays tight, firm, blemish- and stretch mark-free, and moisturized. So stand aside, botox.

Aside from being rich in essential fatty acids, rosehip oil contains antioxidant Vitamin C, β- carotene (a provitamin A, or precursor of Vitamin A), lycopene, transretinoic acid (used in the treatment of acne), and tannins and flavonoids as well. All are commonly found in plants and found to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal function.

We get it. It’s so great, it could be the next coconut oil!

But exactly where is this oil from, and why are we only hearing about its magical properties till now?

Rose bushes with the best quality rosehip seed oil grow wild in dry mountain regions, like the foothills of the Andean Mountains in Chile, which doesn’t make it a surprise to hear that ancient Native American civilizations have been brewing rosehip tea, making rosehip jam, and extracting precious oil from its seeds for its many healing properties.

Trilogy’s Rosehip Seed Oil is from Chile and Lesotho, southern Africa, the latter a community which Trilogy has made a social investment in, or in their words, “impact investing”, by committing to support the locals who make it their living to hand-pick, press, and supply precious rosehip seed oil to Trilogy for distribution around the world. This symbiotic relationship has proved a winning combination, what with Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil winning back-to-back awards in 2015 (Best Beauty Buys, InSTYLE) and 2016 (Best of the Best, Bazaar Beauty).

Trilogy’s bestselling rosehip oil products have been available locally thanks to @glamourboxph! Check out the rest of Trilogy’s skin-saving loot here.


Eye Trends to Watch Out this 2017!

Holidays are coming up and we’re looking for ways to spice up our beauty routines! No worries though, because we already covered ya for this season’s hottest eye makeup trends! Keep reading to check what’s hot and not:


1. Ultramarine Blues

Queen Bey’s magic worker aka make-up artist Sir John, revived this 80’s neon blue looks! This denim-colored shade can bring out Filipinas’ warm, hazel eyes. Recreate this by creating a thick cat-eye look with Pixi Beauty’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cobalt Blue. You can rev it up by adding a splash of blue mascara from Pop Beauty’s Lashy Flashy in Blue Bloom for an intense blue hue or a pop of rouge red lipstick, using Ofra Cosmetics’ Long Lasting Lipstick in Milan to complement the cool shade!


2. Upside-Down Hues

Next to this list is also an ode to 80’s revival — the upside down eye shadow routine! Now a staple in red carpets for bringing out showstopper looks, this wild number is a bright alternative to the usual bold colorful eyeliners! Cop Shay Mitchell’s true-blue hues using Pop Beauty’s Bright Up Your Life in Bright Delight or you can make it a little bit tame by using jewel-toned hues like Eye of Horus Goddess Pencils!


3. Showstopper Copper

Summer may be long gone but still ain’t an excuse to bust out your goddess glow! Do a soft, smoky copper glow with Bubbly and Getaway from Pixi + ItsJudyTime ItsEyeTime palette. Keep it office-friendly by skipping the black liner and swapping the blush for a bronzer like Pop Beauty’s Pow Wow Powder in Beachin’ Bronze for a fresh from the beach look!


4.  Going Graphic

This season’s love affair with bold eyeliners isn’t going away anytime soon! From a runway staple to a red carpet fan favorite, heavy graphic eyeliners are working their way through the streets! Bored with your everyday cat-eye look? Add a pop of metallic glimmer with Eye of Horus Liquid Metals in Imperial Bronze or completely ditch black and go white instead! Keep it white and bright with Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Selenite White!

There you go, ladies! Rock the stage with these new trends and don’t forget to tag us with your favorite looks using the #GBEyeCandy at @glamourboxph!


Let’s Wing It!



Let’s admit it, we all have attempted a thousand times to achieve THE perfect winged eye. It’s a simple yet seductive look that could amp up your look with a skillful flick. We all have our tools that helps us do the trick but it’s really the type of products that we devote ourselves to when it comes to perfect this craft.

Are you a gel liner lover? Or a felt tip pen type of person? Do you prefer an eye pencil with a waxy consistency? Are you all of the above?

Well, I chatted with the beautiful ladies at Glamourbox and rounded up our fave eyeliners for the perfect winged eye. Here’s what made it to our list!

Eye of Horus Cosmetics Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown
  1. Eye of Horus Liquid Liner Black  P990

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddesses, the EOH liquid liner is a go-to for the Cleopatra-like winged liner. It has a felt tip pen that absorbs the black ink and glides smoothly once applied on lids. With the size of the tip, it’s easy to create the bold winged look in a jiffy. Cool part about the product is the tip is reversible. Once the ink runs out on one side, get a pair of tweezers to pull it out and flip the other side for a fresh inked tip.


Ofra Cosmetics Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black
  1. Ofra Fixline Gel Black P 620

What we love about this product is that a little goes a long way. Dab a hard angled brush (we recommend Ofra brush #4) on the pot and apply on the outer lids for a sexy Sofia Loren look. The Ofra Fixline Gel is smudge proof and stays on all day (or night!), even great for workouts!

Pixi Beauty Cat Eye Ink
  1. Pixi Cat Eye Ink P790

For on-the-go women who want a no-fuss liner, this is the product for you. The Cat Eye Ink has an angled tip that makes it super east to do a winged line on the outer corners of your eyes. Dab the pen at an angle and draw the wing as thin or thick as you like.

Pop Beauty Fluid Popliner in Aqua Allure
  1. Pop Beauty Fluid Liner Aqua Allure P 750

This year, bright liners and shadows were a thing on the runway! For a beautiful pop of color, the girls at Glamourbox love this Aqua liner to give their winged eye some fun flavor. Fine brush tip that is easy to apply, you can easily cop the runway looks with this fluid liner. Also comes in Bronze and Plum.

Rucy’s Vanity Liquid Eyeliner
  1. Rucy’s Vanity Liquid Liner P160

Seriously, this item is a steal. For under P200, this Liquid Liner is perfect for the subtle winged eye because of its very fine brush tip. It also makes it easy to apply close to the lash line.  It’s also water resistant to boot!


There you have it, ladies! Let us know if you are a fan of winged eyes and if you fancy any of the items we mentioned above. Must we add, the best cult eye liners are now on sale from September 1-15. Don’t miss out.



Lazy Girl’s Guide to Skincare

Glowy Skin @masha_demekhina @melgoldmann @janasommet @studioreuter

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Most of us #Glambabes don’t have enough hours in a day to achieve everything on our to-do list. But this doesn’t mean our skin should suffer and we should neglect our skin care routine.

No matter how little time you have – or how lazy you are – here are 4 products to get that glow on in a jiffy:


1. Cleanse:

Dewytree’s 3Effect Cleansing Tissue

DewyTree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue

Nothing is easier than cleaning your face with wet wipes so there is really no excuse anymore! These ones are affordable, take off even the most long-lasting makeup and moisturize your skin too.


2. Tone:

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

Spritz and let your thirsty skin enjoy the instant moisture.


3. Treat:

Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Mask

Sit back, watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones and let the mask do its magic. Nourished and brightened skin without the fuss.

At night:

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum
Nighttime is the ideal time for the lazy gal to maximize her skincare products. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason after all.

Let this miracle serum work while you’re sound asleep and wake up with a brighter complexion.